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Selecting a version of R to use

Default version of R

The default install of R as of April 2021 and R within Rstudio on the Desktop is version 4.0.3 . The default version of R in RStudio is (Sept 2021). While you are free to use this version of R and Rstudio, since we migrated to AWS (Sept, 2021) this version will not have all packages available. If you wish to use the pre-installed packages, you will need to use the approach below and manually load R v4.0.3 (module load R/4.0.3).

Specifying another version of R

To use a specific version of R in RStudio, open the terminal app on the Desktop and enter the following commands:

module avail R/
module load R/4.0.2 #select your version here

This will firstly scan for all available versions of R and then load RStudio using R 4.0.2. 

This is important, as there are different libraries available for the different versions of R. For more information on loading and installing R packages, see InstallingRpackagesfromCRAN.

Configuration of R

Because the Research Environment and the HPC are closed environments, users will have to perform a small number of steps to correctly configure their R instances. This is required to access databases such as our internal CRAN mirror, Bioconductor, and other rerouting.