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  1. Obtain the .netrc template by following the steps outlined here: R, RStudio, and R libraries#ConfigurationofR or R, RStudio, and R libraries#ConfigurationofRonHelix
    1. Please note that you need to do this both in the Research Environment and on the HPC separately. So if you need access via the HPC, please login the HPC first and edit the template from there.
    2. The copy task listed there will provide you with additional files that may be required depending whether you will use the R or Python client. They will not hurt your overall session configuration.
  2. Once you have the .netrc template, open the Terminal application from the Research Environment desktop.
    1. If you need access via the HPC, please also login to the HPC.
  3. Open the file called .netrc in nano by typing nano .netrc and pressing enter/return.
    1. This should open a new view containing the information below:

    2. Code Block
      title.netrc default content
      login yourusername
      password yourPasswordHere

  4. replace "yourusername" and "yourPasswordHere" with the same username and password that you use to login the Research Environment.
  5. Once the information is entered, save the file using Ctrl+O then hit enter/return. Exit nano with Ctrl+x.