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HPC Helix disruption: 7th-14th September


Dear Users,

We would like to make you aware of an upcoming disruption in HPC Helix for 7 days between the 7th and 14th September, during which jobs are expected to remain in a pending state for a longer time.

The reason for this is to complete internal collaborative work regarding the phasing of aggV2. A substantial number of nodes will be reserved (30/50n) within this period. After this, the reservation will be reduced to a lower impact (5/50n) for another couple of days, after which the reservation will be removed, and we expect your jobs to return to normal. Please bear in mind that all jobs that have been paused or pending will start again, so there may still be some delays after the reservation period.

You can still submit jobs as per usual during this period, but this is an advanced notice that they may be in the queue for a longer period or that they may become suspended for a certain amount of time.

Finally, we will need to start draining jobs from the nodes reserved for the upcoming phasing work. Therefore, jobs submitted to the long queue one week before the reservation period and jobs submitted to other queues 24 hours before the reservation period will experience more pending states. We want to emphasise that users can submit long jobs during the draining phase, but these will not be dispatched until at least the 7th of September.

We apologise for any impact on your work, but we aim to share these valuable data with the research community at a later stage.

Best wishes,

Genomics England

Airlock Update - 16:00-18:00 26th August


Dear Users,

The Airlock system (Manage File Transfer) will be temporarily unavailable, 16:00-18:00 26th August, while it is updated.

Please ensure you submit your export requests outside of this maintenance window.

Best wishes,

Genomics England

Clinical Collaboration Requests Used in Publications


Dear Research Community, 

As you are hopefully aware, if you identify a potential new genetic diagnosis or a variant of interest about which you would like to contact the recruiting clinician, you can fill in the Researcher-Identified Potential Diagnoses and Clinical Collaboration Request Forms available as part of the Airlock. Please see the FAQs for researchers at the clinical-research interface for more information about these processes.

We have had over 500 clinical collaboration requests submitted so far this year, and we know some of the collaborations have led to papers being published.

We would love to hear about more clinical collaboration success stories. If you have been involved in the publication or submission of a paper which involved information from a clinical collaboration request (CCR), please let us know by clicking 'Yes' below. We may then email you to ask for more information.

Thank you for your help,

Genomics England