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Please be aware that some tools within the Research Environment will require the production of transient or temporary files. The configuration of the Helix HPC means that the /tmp location on the cluster can rapidly become unavailable and severely impact other users of the resource. We therefore strongly request that you create You should create a directory at the following location:

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and set the temporary location for your work either this temporary file directory in your .bashrc or as an environment variable within your script:

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export TMPDIR=/re_scratch/re_gecip/<your_gecip>/<your_username>

This Our recommendation would be to set this in the .bashrc so that the environment variable is generally accessible to your profile. Using a private scratch location will ensure that your files temporary files will remain both accessible and private. Please note that, as the scratch location is designed to be used for the temporary storage of transient and intermediary files needed by analyses, we are not able to guarantee that these files will be covered by the Research Environment's backup processes or would be recoverable beyond 1 month. We strongly advise that the location be reviewed prior to launching new analyses to ensure that any files that are no longer required are cleared from the location.