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There are two routes by which students can access the 100,000 Genomes Project data: 

Student research projects

Genomics England is very supportive of students who wish to carry out projects on the 100,000 Genomes Project data. Students who want to carry out their BSc, MSc or PhD research projects on 100,000 Genomes Project data must join the GeCIP community by filling in the application form. The student form captures some additional information about their project, but essentially the process is the same for students as for any other researcher.

All students should have a supervisor (primary or secondary) who is also a member of the GeCIP. If this is not the case, the supervisor should also apply to join.

Student access for teaching

Students on the Health Education England MSc in Genomic Medicine can access  have in the past been given access to a small subset of 100,000 Genomes Project data within the Research Environment for teaching purposes, comprising 5 rare disease families, and 5 cancer participants.

How these data are used or teaching will depend on the course instructors. 

Students on the MSc Genomic Medicine who wish to do their research projects using the project data must join GeCIP as above.

data for teaching purposes, but this is no longer something we provide.