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GeCIP ArmDomainLead ResearchersNHS GMC RepresentativeARC Approval StatusDetailed research plan

Rare Disease

CardiovascularProf Bernard Keavney – University of ManchesterDr Ed Blair – Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation TrustApproved

GeCIP detailed research plan - Cardiovascular.pdf

Endocrine and metabolismProf Stephen O’Rahilly – University of Cambridge 
ApprovedGeCIP detailed research plan - Endocrine and metabolism.pdf
Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Professor Holm Uhlig - University of Oxford

Dr Patrick Dubois – King’s College Hospital

Richard Thompson – King’s College LondonNot yet approved

No Detailed Research Plan Submitted

Hearing and sight

Prof Andrew Webster (Sight) – University College London

Dr Mike Bowl (Hearing) - MRC Harwell Institute

Dr Sally Dawson (Hearing) - University College London Ear Institute

Prof Graeme Black – University of ManchesterApproved

GeCIP detailed research plan - Hearing and sight.pdf

Immune disordersProf Sophie Hambleton – Newcastle University

GeCIP detailed research plan - Immune disorders.pdf

Non-malignant haematological and haemostasis disorders

Dr Noemi Roy - Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Andrew Mumford - University of Bristol


GeCIP detailed research plan - Haematological disorders.pdf

Inherited cancer predispositionDr Clare Turnbull – Queen Mary University of LondonMarc Tischkowitz – University of CambridgeApproved

GeCIP detailed research plan - Inherited cancer.pdf

MusculoskeletalProf Muhammad Kassim Javaid – University of OxfordProf Muhammad Kassim Javaid – University of OxfordApproved

GeCIP detailed research plan - Musculoskeletal.pdf


Prof Henry Houlden* – University College London

Prof Patrick Chinnery  – University of Cambridge

Prof Huw Morris – University College LondonApproved

GeCIP detailed research plan - Neurology.pdf


Dr Tim Barrett – Birmingham University

Dr Phil Beales – University College London


GeCIP detailed research plan - Paediatrics.pdf


Dr Daniel Gale – University College London

Prof Robert Kleta University College London

Dr Anna Koziell – King’s College LondonApproved

Renal Full Detailed Research Plan.pdf

RespiratoryDr Claire Shovlin – Imperial College LondonTracy Higgins – Imperial CollegeApproved

GeCIP detailed research plan - Respiratory.pdf


Dr Edel O'Toole - Queen Mary University London

Dr Neil Rajan - University of Newcastle

Prof Sean Whittaker – King’s College LondonApproved

GeCIP detailed research plan - Skin.pdf


Breast cancerDr Nicholas Turner – Institute of Cancer Research

Breast Full Detailed Research Plan.pdf

Cancer of unknown primaryDr Harpreet Wasan – Imperial College London

Cancer of Unknown Primary Full Detailed Research Plan.pdf

Childhood solid cancersDr Thomas Jacques – University College LondonDr Alex Henderson – Newcastle upon Tyne NHS Foundation TrustApproved

Childhood Cancer GeCIP Research Plan.pdf

Colorectal cancerProf Ian Tomlinson – University of BirminghamMohammad Ilyas – University of NottinghamApproved

Colorectal Full Detailed Research Plan.pdf

GliomaProf Keyoumars Ashkan  King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
ApprovedGlioma Full Detailed Research Plan.pdf
Haematological malignancyProf Anna Schuh – University of Oxford Paresh Vyas – University of Oxford Approved

Haematological Malignancies Full Detailed Research Plan.pdf

Head and neck cancer

Prof Terry Jones – University of Liverpool

Dr Liam Masterson – University of Cambridge

Lung cancerDr Charles Swanton* – The Francis Crick InstituteProf Fiona Blackhall - The Christie NHS Foundation Trust Approved
MelanomaDr Samra Turajlic - The Francis Crick Insitute

Melanoma Full Detailed Research Plan.pdf

Neuroendocrine tumoursDr Chrissie Thirlwell* – University College London
Ovarian and endometrial Cancer

Dr James Brenton – University of Cambridge and Cancer Research UK

Dr David Church – University of Oxford

ApprovedOvarian Full Detailed research Plan.pdf
Pan-cancerProf Richard Houlston - The Institute of Cancer Research
Prostate cancerProf Johann de Bono – Institute of Cancer ResearchDr Mark Linch – University College LondonApproved

Prostate Full Detailed Research Plan.pdf

Renal cell carcinomaDr James Larkin – Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust Dr Anna Koziell – King's College LondonApproved
SarcomaProf Adrienne Flanagan – University College London

Sarcoma Detailed Research Plan.pdf

Testicular cancerDr Andrew Protheroe – Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust 

Testis Full Detailed Research Plan.pdf

Upper gastrointestinal cancerProf John Bridgewater – University College London

Upper Gastrointestinal Cancer Full Detailed Research Plan.pdf

Cross Cutting

Electronic health records

Prof Harry Hemingway – University College London

Dr. Stefanie Mueller - University College London

ApprovedElectronic Health Records_GeCIP_detailed_research_plan_08022016.pdf
Enhanced InterpretationProf Bill Newman – Manchester UniversityDr Caroline Wright - University of ExeterDominic McMullan – Birmingham Women’s NHS Foundation TrustApproved

Enhanced Interpretation DRP updated May 2020.pdf

Ethics and social science

Prof Mike Parker – University of Oxford

Dr. Anneke Lucassen - University of Southampton


Ethics and Social Science Detailed Research Plan.pdf

Functional Effects

Dr Ewan Birney – European Bioinformatics Institute

Prof. Christine Orengo - University College London

Health EconomicsDr Sarah Wordsworth* – University of OxfordProf Ian Tomlinson – University of BirminghamApprovedHealth Economics-GeCIP_Detailed-Research-Plan-Form Health Economics September 2018.pdf
Integrated Pathogens and Mobile Elements

Prof Colin Cooper – University of East Anglia

Dr Gkikas Magiorkinis  – Athens University

ApprovedIntegrated Pathogens and Mobile Elements DRP updated May 2020 with covid-19 subdomain.pdf
Population genomics

Dr Aylwyn Scally - University of Cambridge

Dr Matteo Fumagalli - Imperial College London

Jean-Baptiste Cazier – University of BirminghamApproved
Quantitative methods, machine learning and functional genomics

Dr Chris Yau - University of Manchester

Prof Diana Baralle – University of Southampton

Diana Baralle – University of SouthamptonApproved
Stratified healthcare and therapeutic innovation

Prof Sir Mark Caulfield – Queen Mary, University of London

Prof Sir Munir Pirmohamed - University of Liverpool


Stratified Healthcare and Therapeutic Innovation Detailed Research Plan.pdf