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How long will it take to get access to data after I apply to GeCIP?

After When you apply to join GeCIP, the following you will be sent an email with your credentials for logging into the Research PortalThis is where you can see your account details, track your application to join GeCIP and view the Research Registry, but it is not where you access the Project data itself - that will be the Genomics England Research Environment. Before you are given access to it, the below steps need to take place:


. You can track these in the Track my application page of the Research Portal.

Stage 1

  • Your application is reviewed by the relevant domain lead(s): this can take up to 10 working days. Your details are sent to your institution so they can verify your affiliation: this The domain lead may put your application on hold and request further information from you, in which case it can take longer.
  • Your institution's membership secretary verifies your affiliation with them. This can be immediate (if the institution has agreed to "auto-verify" those with affiliated email addresses), but can often take weeks or even monthslonger. We cannot guarantee a timeframe for these step to be completed because it depends on your institution.
  • Your details are sent for account creation: this occurs in batches every 10 working days, and accounts may be created a few days after details are sent.

A system is being built to automate this process, but currently it requires a lot of manual steps and input from different parties, meaning it is not generally feasible to "fast-track" applicants through the process. Please apply well before you require data access.

  • In Track my application, you can see the name and email address of your membership secretary and contact them if necessary.

Stage 2

After the two steps above are complete, you will get an email asking you to carry out Information Governance training. Within two hours of passing this training, you will get an email confirming your access to the Research Environment (stage 3).

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Why don't all GeCIP members have access to the data yet?