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If you identify a potential causative variant in one of the project participants that you think should be fed back to the recruiting clinician, you can use the Researcher-identified potential diagnosis form to alert Genomics England. This will be reviewed internally and, if it is thought to be clinically relevant, we will contact the clinician with this information.

You can use the Clinical collaboration request (formerly Contact recruiting clinician) form to cover more general cases where you want to contact the clinician, such as where you have found a variant of research interest.

As of summer 2020, these forms are now part of Airlock rather than based on Confluence.

You can find the forms in the Research Environment. Click Airlock/File Transfer on the desktop, and log into the Airlock system using your Research Environment credentials.

Click Forms then Available Forms in the side menu to view the list of all forms, then select Clinical Collaboration request form or Researcher Identified Potential Diagnosis Form.

Use the Researcher identified potential diagnosis form to alert us of potential causative variants.

Use the Clinical collaboration request form to let us know of cases where you want to contact the clinician.

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