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  • The membership secretary is responsible for verifying the affiliation of any GeCIP applicants from your institution and confirming they are happy for the researchers to be included under the Participation Agreement. [by confirming a person you are taking responsibility for their behaviour] 
  • They should have access to some kind of personnel records so that they can easily check a GeCIP applicant or member’s affiliation status. 
  • They must regularly review lists of new GeCIP applicants that have claimed an affiliation with your institution. They can do this using the Member management page of the Research Portal.
  • They must periodically review the total list of GeCIP members from their institution to ensure the list is accurate and up-to-date. This is also available on the Member management page of the Research Portal. We will send emails to you every two months to remind you to update this list. 
  • If possible, they should provide the institutional email address when an applicant has used an alternative email.
  • Our help pages in the Research Portal should contain useful information for managing your institution and members. You should receive your log in details via email when your account is created. If you have any technical problems please raise a ticket with our service desk. For any other questions please email the GeCIP team at [email protected]
  • Whenever a GeCIP member leaves their institution, the membership secretary must inform the GeCIP team, by emailing the GeCIP team at [email protected].
  • They have the choice to opt into auto-verifying GeCIP applicants with valid institutional email addresses. For example, Queen Mary University of London would auto-verify any applicant with “” email addresses. 
  • The membership secretary can opt into or out of auto-verification at any time. Membership secretaries can opt into this using the Institution information page of the Research Portal.
  • After opting into auto-verification, the membership secretary would no longer need to manually check each new applicant. However, they would still need to do the periodic review of all GeCIP members. Also any applicants who have applied with a non-institution-specific email address would need to be reviewed.
  • The membership secretary can decide whether affiliates with honorary contracts are approved or denied.
  • The membership secretary should be appointed by an appropriately senior member of staff who understands the responsibilities of the role. [& legal obligations under contract]
  • Membership secretaries should notify Genomics England if they wish to step down, by emailing the GeCIP team at [email protected]. They should also nominate a suitable replacement from their institution to take over these responsibilities. 
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