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The role of GeCIP domain leads is to:

  • Use the Research Portal to:
    • Review domain membership applications (every two weeks)
    • Review domain members' Research Registry projects (every two weeks)
      • Please leave comments on any projects of membership applications you do not approve
      • If you add a comment that requires a response before you can approve it, please change the domain status to On Hold until you get a satisfactory response
    • You can find tips on using the Research Portal here
      • Please report any feedback to the GeCIP team
  • Keep the list of GeCIP members up to date using the Research Portal
  • Communicate with GeCIP team about changes to domain membership
  • Maintain domain's Detailed Research Plan, including subdomain structure and leadership, and further necessary additions to Detailed Research plan
    • Taking any  amendments to ARC for access approval
  • Manage the internal governance of the domain (e.g. managing subdomain leads and subdomain membership, resolving conflict within domain)
  • Coordinate production and relevance of domain's lay summary
  • Promote adherence to GeCIP Rules
  • Act as the primary point of contact for the domain, for Genomics England and for domain members
    • Pass relevant information from Genomics England to domain members
    • Communicate with domain members regularly (e.g. emails, teleconferences)
  • Present your domain's progress at the Access Review Committee
  • Attend/nominate a deputy to attend GeCIP Steering Committee (generally 3 times a year)
  • Attend/nominate deputy to attend other events where GeCIP input is required
  • Nominate domain representatives
    • Patient and Participant Involvement rep (PPI rep)
    • Education and Training rep (E&T rep) - Assist with identifying student research projects
    • Enhanced Interpretation rep (EI rep) - formerly Validation and Feedback rep
  • Encourage collaboration within domain and between domains
    • And with commercial projects
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