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Before submitting a service ticket to the Genomics England Service Desk, it is worthwhile taking a moment to consider whether:

  • this is genuinely a fault or expected behaviour;
  • you can recreate the problem with minimal settings and inputs;
  • it is just a temporary problem, or one that resolves itself with a change of internet (browser);
  • it is a known issue with a workaround;
  • any problem with a tool affects all versions of it;
  • you're trying to access files or folders that you don't have the correct permissions for;
  • you've loaded all dependencies you need for the job;
  • you (or the tool) are trying to access online resources that aren't available;
  • last but not least, you have consulted the relevant sections of this User Guide, but have not found indications to help you move forward.

Contacting the Service Desk

If after considering the above you still need help, then please log an issue in the Genomics England Service Desk PortalIf you have not done so previously then you will first need to create an account (your Research Environment login credentials will not work).

Please put the reporter type and include the following information (if relevant):

  • your username;
  • what browser you are using;
  • a brief description of the problem you're experiencing;
  • any relevant error codes you get;
  • any testing you've done yourself to establish the scope of the problem;
  • any information that would be needed to recreate the problem;
  • any recent changes you've made to the Research Environment that you think might be associated;
  • a screenshot of the error (please be careful to avoid including any participant data in the screenshot).

Once submitted, you will be able to monitor progress via the 'Requests' link in the top right corner of the screen.

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